Do you work part-time?

Organize your schedule through the online booking module, which you can activate personally, just for yourself, there is no need to connect the whole clinic.

  • Arrange an online appointment scheduling
  • Keep an electronic health history of each patient
  • Automatically remind your customers about future visits

*14-day trial

Software for clinics

Add online consulting and home visits services

and get extra income 💛

Regular Appointment
Online Appointment
Doctor’s Home Visit

How Can We Help You?

Ademrius is a global, intuitive clear and simple online platform that helps private healthcare providers manage their services.

Advantages of the system for doctors

Reception 24/7, without calls

Patients will book for an appointment by themselves and 24/7 through the online registration form, without distracting you.

  • Emergency Hours
  • Different locations
  • Working Intervals
online appointment

Consult online

A telemedicine module that will allow a patient from anywhere in the world to get an appointment with your doctors.

Electronic medical records

Electronic Medical Card

Forget about the paper. Fill in the online consultation form according to your own template and the patient will automatically receive your medical conclusion.


Get a free website

Your medical clinic website with an online booking feature will be automatically generated. Do you already have a website? Then insert our widget for online booking. + Generate links to social networks for direct reservations.

electronic medical records for the family

The patient will bring the whole family to you

After a positive experience with online booking, when the need to book a visit if family members to a doctor appear, they will first go to you again, because you provide a convenient service.

14 Days Free Trial

Perfect for Part-time working Doctors

Special offer until 28.02.2021


Unlimited number of users

  • Booking appointments
  • Telemedicine (online consultation)
  • Electronic health record (reviewing the patient's history and adding a medical conclusion to the doctor's appointment)
  • Service price list
  • Website generator