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How Can We Help You?

Ademrius is a global, comprehensive, yet simple SaaS solution for healthcare professionals.

Advantages of the system for doctors

Save some time

Are your doctors stuck in the vicious circle of poor time estimation with constant patient overload and overlapping shifts? Start smart scheduling and automated reminders with Ademrius and stay on track without extra effort.

  • Emergency Hours
  • Different locations
  • Working Intervals
online appointment

Save some patience

Do your patients walk an extra mile to make an appointment with a doctor? Do the receptionists get lost in their booking notes? Try our simple, intuitive, 24/7 appointment booking system for your patients and staff. Automatic appointment reminders notify your patients about upcoming bookings, so they show up on time.

Electronic medical records

Save some paper

No more lost medical cards, records or screening results. No more mess in patient's history, and no more illegible handwriting. Patient data at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.


Skip some fuss

Chat with your patients or make video calls. Provide help as seamless as possible, saving your patients time and effort. Benefit from cutting edge technologies to gear up your practice.

electronic medical records for the family

Take care of your family

We help doctors take care of your health. We also help you take take care of your children and the eldery who may struggle using technology via shared and connected profiles. We created the perfect storage and management system for your medical data collected from different channels to keep them relevant and updated.

Another healthcare platform or an out-of-the-box healthcare solution?

How do we match the system with doctors everyday needs? Why are we creating an ecosystem for healthcare providers? How does an international solution blur the boundaries of the healthcare industry? How are we streamlining your healthcare practice?...and much more.

Ademrius keeps your data safe

We understand how crucially important it is to protect sensitive data in healthcare.Personal data breaches are not always a matter of digital security. That`s why we`ve chosen a user-centered approach to your data protection.

protection of medical information
  • You can manage access to your medical data
  • You can track access to your data with smart logs
  • Request-based access to Patient medical data with smart log
blockchain in medicine Blockchain-based application
ISO 27001 standard ISO 27001 standard
for information security
safe medicine General Data Protection Regulation

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Perfect for group and solo practices

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Unlimited number of users until the end of 2020

  • Booking appointments
  • Telemedicine (online consultation)
  • Electronic health record (reviewing the patient's history and adding a consultation opinion to the admission)
  • Service price list
  • Website generator

Subscription plans

  • $19/month Up to 10 users
  • $15/month 10 – 30 users
  • $9/month More than 30 users

Coming soon

  • Template generator
  • Laboratory
  • Statistics
  • Advanced service functions (billing, payments, reports)
  • Accounting
  • Referral program
  • Discount systems
  • Doctors rating & feedback system

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